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New technology is redefining banking

Technology has long been important to the way banks deliver services. Recent developments and changing customer demands, however, are redefining...

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Smart working
STEM skills deficit demands coordinated response

A lack of skills in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) is a major challenge facing industries across Europe and around the world. Better coordination is required if future demands for talent in STEM-related fields are to be met in years to come.

By Jonathan Refoy

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Data-driven analytics must top the corporate agenda

By Corinne Bentzen
Head of Intelligence at Global Blue

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Cutting edge
Wearable technology empowering business

Wearable devices are set to become commonplace in all our lives and the impact of their growing prevalence is expected to reach well beyond consumer technologies. Here we'll take a look at the potential scale of new markets and how enterprises can make strategic use of the latest gear.

By IT: Growth accelerator

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Secure information
Robots that handle warehouse security

According to David Lemaître, chairman of robotics company EOS Innovation, autonomous robots are no longer gadgets. Their mobility and sensor capabilities make them particularly suited to work as night guards for monitoring companies.

By David Lemaitre
Chief executive of EOS Innovation

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The wide open cyber threat

By Todd Thibodeaux
President of CompTIA

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Big data fuelling the new energy

Interview : Gordon Edge
Director of policy at RenewableUK

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