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'Cloud will ease financial planning burden'

Interview : Andrew Price
group financial controller at Legal & General

An enormous volume of financial data is leading many businesses to finally ditch unwieldy spreadsheets in favour of cloud-based planning tools...

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Big data and little data
It's time for the CDO to get into startup mode

For Hugues Le Bars, chief data officer at Neopost the world's second largest supplier of franking and mailing devices, the transformation of a company isn't about having the right team and a dedicated budget, but rather having the freedom to test short Big Data projects.

By Hugues Le Bars
chief data officer at Neopost

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Big data fuelling the new energy

Interview : Gordon Edge
Director of policy at RenewableUK

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Meet your experts
Andrea Capodicasa, Meet Andrea Capodicasa, expert in Teradata. Connect
Stephanie Mytton, Meet Stephanie Mytton, expert in HR SAP, Blogging. Connect
Cutting edge
Infographic: Connected vehicles driving change

Connecting vehicles and making them 'smarter' is currently one of the most fertile fields of technological innovation in the world. Here we'll take a look at the potential ramifications and challenges involved in seeing cars and other road vehicles become computerised, data-generating and internet-connected consumer products.

By IT: Growth accelerator

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Secure information
Strong cybersecurity empowers transformation

Cybersecurity is not only about protection for systems and networks. For organisations, faced with the proliferation of threats, it has become a question of governance. Security matters for everyone, at all levels.

By Jean-Paul Mazoyer
IT director at Crédit Agricole, and head of cybersecurity at Cigref

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Robots that handle warehouse security

By David Lemaitre
Chief executive of EOS Innovation

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Smart working
STEM skills deficit demands coordinated response

A lack of skills in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) is a major challenge facing industries across Europe and around the world. Better coordination is required if future demands for talent in STEM-related fields are to be met in years to come.

By Jonathan Refoy

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Data-driven analytics must top the corporate agenda

By Corinne Bentzen
Head of Intelligence at Global Blue

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'Analytics will fundamentally change HR'

Interview : Tim Payne
head of people and change practice at KPMG UK

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