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A complete transformation in government work flexibility

By Bruce Mann
Head of the government’s The Way We Work programme

The government is totally transforming the way it works to introduce real day-to-day flexibility for staff. Supported by effective technology...

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Secure information
The wide open cyber threat

The internal threat from employees' carelessness, or failure to follow policy, is one of the biggest dangers in cybersecurity. While much of the discussion about prevention has focused on technology, the internal danger is left untackled by many businesses.

By Todd Thibodeaux
President of CompTIA

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Meet your experts
Stephanie Mytton, Meet Stephanie Mytton, expert in HR SAP, Blogging. Connect
Richard Kershaw, I am Richard Kershaw, your Digital Government Expert. Connect
Essential tech
Infographic : HR Tech, a seismic shift

Cloud computing, data analytics and the newest HR software platforms are collectively causing something of a seismic shift in the way organisations manage and make the most of their workforces. Here we look at some of the key trends, the latest innovations and the potential impact of using technology to improve efficiency and streamline engagement in the context of human resources.

By IT: Growth accelerator

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Easily adding capacity on demand

By Michael Briggs
head of infrastructure at Cancer Research UK

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Customer experience
Infographic : multichannel - opportunity or headache?

Multichannel solutions are becoming increasingly commonplace as mobile devices, social media and big data help turn marketing and ecommerce into ever-more personalised experiences. This infographic shows why multichannel development matters so much to so many businesses and pinpoints some of the key opportunities and obstacles in this context from an enterprise perspective.

Cutting edge
INFOGRAPHIC : Robotics, building the future

The world has imagined the emergence of game-changing robotic and automation technologies for decades, but recent years have seen some of the most extraordinary advances in the field. What follows is a look at how robotics is opening up huge potential in important industries and helping to create the world of the future

3D printing and the new space exploration

By Niki Werkheiser
project manager at NASA

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Women fuelling innovation at L'Oréal

Par Rachel Weiss
VP of innovation at L’Oréal

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Stepping ahead of the demand curve

Par Joe Woody
chief financial officer at El Cortez

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