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Wearable technology empowering business

Wearable devices are set to become commonplace in all our lives and the impact of their growing prevalence is expected to reach well beyond consumer...

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Smart working
Data-driven analytics must top the corporate agenda

Data analytics continues to transform the way business is conducted. Despite its huge impact and significance, there is a lack of investment internationally in the skills and expertise needed to draw commercial insights for strategic gain from the wealth of data available to businesses.

By Corinne Bentzen
Head of Intelligence at Global Blue

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Shaking up outdated work practices

By Fiona Cannon
Director of the Agile Future Forum

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Meet your experts
Anup Karnik, Meet Anup Karnik, expert in Life Science Industry SME. Connect
Nigel Walsh, I help insurance companies plan and implement a technology strategy that enables them to meet specific business objectives and imperatives while remaining relevant and competitive.. Connect
Big data and little data
Big data fuelling the new energy

In the renewable energy industry, big data is transforming how wind turbines are designed, maintained and positioned. Dr Gordon Edge, director of policy at industry association RenewableUK, explains the change.

Interview : Gordon Edge
Director of policy at RenewableUK

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Tomorrow will see quantum computers for all the world's needs

By Bruno Teboul
Governance member at the Ecole Polytechnique

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Customer experience
Mobile experience must be rich and rapid

It's no secret that more and more consumers are visiting estate agencies on their mobile devices, but optimising web services for tablets and smartphones does not happen overnight. We have to consistently strive for improvements and have a clear focus on enhancing user experience.

By Leo Lapworth
Web Manager at Foxtons

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"Consumer journey data gives a real edge"

Interview : Romain Bertrand
UK marketing director at eHarmony

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