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"The great thing is being able to fully test marketing"

Interview : Gavin Sheppard
Marketing director at Smart Energy GB

Technology enables marketers to really understand the impact of their decisions, and to test ideas before running them. Gavin Sheppard, marketing...

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Big data and little data
Information to change the world

In so much of the world, there are serious challenges to education and health for young people, and at the other end of the scale there are difficulties around healthy and responsible ageing. As the United Nations agency responsible for promoting health and equal opportunity, the UNFPA is dependent upon excellent data to inform how it tackles these serious questions.

By Babatunde Osotimehin
Executive director of the United Nations Population Fund

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EAT grows appetite with analytics transformation

By Strahan Wilson
chief financial officer at EAT

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Meet your experts
Gunnar Menzel, I am Gunnar Menzel, your Infrastructure Transformation Services expert. Connect
Ralf Teschner, Meet Ralf Teschner, expert in Data Governance. Connect
Essential tech
CEOs must tune in to everyday tech

The ways in which individuals, whether in personal or professional contexts, communicate with one another is changing dramatically with every year that goes by. Chief executives in every industry need to tune in, or they risk being left behind.

By Steve Tappin
Chief executive at Xinfu

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Smart working
Shaking up outdated work practices

Work models currently in use around the world are largely relics of a bygone era, and they need to be radically transformed in the interests of productivity, and meeting customer and employee needs. The right management and technology can make a huge difference.

By Fiona Cannon
Director of the Agile Future Forum

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Retailers slash food wastage with collaborative social network

By Maria Ana Neves
Chief executive at Plan Zheroes

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Shaking up outdated work practices

Par Fiona Cannon
Director of the Agile Future Forum

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CEOs must tune in to everyday tech

Par Steve Tappin
Chief executive at Xinfu

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