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"CIOs' security challenges are ever more complicated"

Interview : Vanessa Barnett
TMT partner at Charles Russell

Chief information officers are facing increasing security and privacy challenges in their businesses. We hear from Vanessa Barnett, a partner...

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Big data and little data
What big data analytics achieve in world of risk

The smart players in the insurance and reinsurance industry recognise the urgent need to modernise. The complexity of risk and the need to get risk management profiles right are leading reinsurance firms towards advanced big data analytics.

By Stephen Cross
chief executive of the Aon Global Risk Insights Platform

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Meet your experts
John Arnold, Expert in Information Security. Connect
Andrew Critchley, Meet Andrew Critchley, your expert in Security Architecture, Identity and Access Management. Connect
Secure information
Infographic: the biggest cyber security attacks in history

In the world of cyber security, when a business is attacked, it rarely becomes public knowledge - except for the times when the problem is so large it isn't stopped. Sony, Adobe and Vodafone are among those companies that have lost millions of items of data. No one is immune: even the computers of the Pentagon and of European finance ministries have been visited by pirates.

The ever increasing cyber security challenge

By Fayaz Khaki
associate director or information security at IDC

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"BYOD requires exactly the right measures to be in place"

BYOD, or bring your own device, policies are transforming working practices by enabling staff to use their own phones, laptops and tablets. But businesses must remember the key measures needed to make BYOD legally compliant, according to law expert Anthony Lee.

Interview : Anthony Lee
security and law expert

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"Cloud gives retailers the affordability and reliability they need"

Interview : Shiva Kumar
chief information officer at Snow + Rock

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Smart working
Hackathons create burst of fresh digital ideas

Coca-Cola Enterprises has hosted a series of hackathons, which are idea creation events aimed at discovering fresh digital concepts. The meetings are an excellent way to improve the ways that we and our retailers reach shoppers.

By Kristin Berg
director of digital shopper marketing at Coca-Cola Enterprises

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Luxury and technology: a crossroads for innovation

By Pierre-Albert Carlier
chief information officer at Louis Vuitton Mot Hennessy, watches and jewellery

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