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"Business continuity is vital in meeting enormous market expectation"

By Neil Selby
head of networks and security at bet365

Large companies tend to face sudden peaks in internet traffic, which in many cases can cause service latency or outages. We hear from Neil Selby...

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Essential tech
Infographic : HR Tech, a seismic shift

Cloud computing, data analytics and the newest HR software platforms are collectively causing something of a seismic shift in the way organisations manage and make the most of their workforces. Here we look at some of the key trends, the latest innovations and the potential impact of using technology to improve efficiency and streamline engagement in the context of human resources.

By IT: Growth accelerator

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Easily adding capacity on demand

By Michael Briggs
head of infrastructure at Cancer Research UK

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Meet your experts
Praveen Velichety, Meet Praveen Velichety, expert in Digital Transformation. Connect
Hitesh Chawla, Meet Hitesh Chawla, expert in Customer Experience. Connect
Customer experience
Infographic : multichannel - opportunity or headache?

Multichannel solutions are becoming increasingly commonplace as mobile devices, social media and big data help turn marketing and ecommerce into ever-more personalised experiences. This infographic shows why multichannel development matters so much to so many businesses and pinpoints some of the key opportunities and obstacles in this context from an enterprise perspective.

By IT: Growth accelerator

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Seizing the data driven opportunity

By Ann Cairns
president of international markets at MasterCard

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Smart working
Infographic : Women in IT - Enough of a change?

In top roles and across the board, businesses can benefit significantly from encouraging female development in their workplaces, but there is much more room for better female representation. Here's a look at how the tech sector is performing on gender equality, why it matters and where more might be done in future.

Hackathons create burst of fresh digital ideas

By Kristin Berg
director of digital shopper marketing at Coca-Cola Enterprises

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"Cloud management requires a deep understanding of business processes and the data journey"

Organisations around the world are looking to use cloud computing and mobile app provision more extensively, yet many struggle to manage the new architecture. Adam Raeburn-James, senior VP IT end user and infrastructure services at pharmaceutical firm GlaxoSmithKline, explains how a rigorous assessment of business processes and the data journey can make it a successful move.

Interview : Adam Raeburn-James
senior VP IT and infrastructure services at GSK

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Seizing the data driven opportunity

Par Ann Cairns
president of international markets at MasterCard

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What big data analytics achieve in world of risk

Par Stephen Cross
chief executive of the Aon Global Risk Insights Platform

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