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Bayern Munich's digital transformation tackles fan content

In July 2016, Bayern Munich football club will kick-off an ambitious digital transformation project called Digital 4.0...

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The long-awaited arrival of the driverless car is just around the corner

Safer and less harmful for the environment, the driverless car is set to change our urban landscapes, ridding them of conventional traffic jams. That said, its adoption could be hindered by some psychological road blocks.

By IT: Growth accelerator

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Calmer computing forecast under managed clouds?

By Darren Norfolk
UK Managing Director, Rackspace

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Smart working
Surprisingly Obvious: The ascent of the Enterprise Content Management system

It is perhaps unsurprising that in the current era of digital transformation the value of company data or content is not only growing, but in most instances, growing exponentially. As it extends across multiple platforms, from mobile to web and over a sea of business applications, this content has become the lifeblood of the organisation.

By David Quantrell
senior vice president and general manager of EMEA at Box

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Société Générale: Innovation is everywhere, from our partners to start-ups

By Françoise Mercadal-Delasalles
Director of resources and innovation, Societe Generale Group

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