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Digital transformation to big data is a Zen-like art

5 May, 2016 04:28 pm

Given the complexity of big data and the intricacies of building globally connected data engineering teams, getting real business value to arise out of any firm's new approach to data analytics should be a "one-step-at-a-time" process.

A new report on Inside Analysis states that, "Every organisation will have to withstand the progression to a new decision-making process to agree on where they can best deliver value from the new technology frameworks, platforms and applications."
Digital transformation should be always be pushed towards and directed to practical realities aligned to business value at the bottom line of the accounts balance sheet.
The first beneficiaries of efficient data management and effective data analysis will often be the worker-stakeholders within the business. 
TAKEAWAY THOUGHTStaying calm in the face of massively spiraling data flows that emanate from new cloud computing networks will not be easy -- a methodical approach to identify first actions directed by Line Of Business goals is essential.
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