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- Co-founder of dunnhumby
Edwina Dunn is co-founder of dunnhumby, the pioneering company behind Tesco's Clubcard, My Kroger Plus and other loyalty programmes around the world. She and Clive Humby founded dunnhumby in their back...

"Understanding your social media superfans is landscape changing"

19 Dec, 2013 10:29 am

Customer loyalty pioneer Edwina Dunn, co-founder of the dunnhumby company that invented Tesco's Clubcard scheme, explains exactly how businesses are making the most of the latest information on customers - as social media becomes a central place they interact with brands.

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Comment by Andy Heppelle
26 Dec, 2013 05:24 pm
thought provoking and insightful. Would love to work with and learn with Edwina Dunn. Collaboration for Success, Andy
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