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3D printers for skin grafts

30 Jan, 2017 09:00 am

A team of Spanish scientists has synthesised a human skin replacement material with 3D printing that can be used for tissue grafts and other applications.

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Dubbed a "bioprinter," the special 3D-printed ink consists of human cells and other biomaterials. The resulting structure consists of both epidermis and dermis layers and can also generate collagen, a principal protein in human skin.

Since the material essentially becomes a living human tissue, it could be used for grafts and cosmetic, chemical, and pharmaceutical product tests.
Skin printed for human transplants today comes from a patient's own skin or from animal skins, which can pose supply problems when large volumes are required.

The 3D-printed skin replacement can also remove the need for tests involving animals to test skin reactions to different chemical compounds for commercial applications, which has raised ethical concerns.

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3D-printed materials for medical applications are beginning to show potential as viable replacements for human body parts.
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