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AI, IoT biggest disruptors in 2017

3 Nov, 2016 09:00 am

Cloud security, AI, and IoT will remain at the top of the disruptor technology list through 2017 and their impact will trigger upheaval in IT infrastructure.

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Next year will see a dramatic move towards outsourcing IT security to cloud providers rather than keeping it in-house, according to analysis firm Nucleus Research's "Top 10 Predictions for 2017."

"The last believers in the superiority of on-premises security will follow the dinosaurs into the annals of history," Nucleus Research said in a statement.  AI will begin to see wider-scale adoption as it becomes a mainstay in customer relations. AI will also begin to increasingly play a key role in supply chain management, especially for error monitoring. 

IoT in 2017 will brush off its "shiny object syndrome" as companies successfully apply it to improve their profit margins, Nucleus  said. Lessons learned from the use of IoT by manufacturing, agriculture, and oil and gas industries will increasingly be applied to other sectors, for example.

Cloud security, AI, and IoT are reaching the peak of their hype cycle as they rapidly become integrated with enterprise IT infrastructures. Explore the Trend: The new collaborative tools which make companies more productive.

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