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AI reads lips better than humans

15 Nov, 2016 09:00 am

Researchers at Oxford University say they have developed a system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to read lips more efficiently than humans.

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AI system LipNet managed to decipher what human subjects said by reading their lips with a 93% accuracy rate, the researchers said. This compares to a maximum accuracy rate among professional human lip readers of 60%. 

The main feature of the system is that it is the first to lip read complete sentences, the researchers said, who used funding from Google's AI company DeepMind for the project.

LipNet was developed by analysing 29,000 test videos, which combined lip movements and text. The system was then combined with face detection and shape prediction software. It was then tested by attempting to read 4,000 three-second videos of men and women speaking. 

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While lip-reading AIs have still some way to go before they replace humans, the research is a key step forward and suggests that potential benefits for millions of hearing-impaired people worldwide.
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