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AI software to manage data centres

14 Nov, 2016 09:01 am

Researchers at the University of Lancaster in the UK say they have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system called "REx" that can teach itself to assemble and run servers.

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REx's self-assembly capabilities can be applied to several data administration tasks for managing servers in a more efficient and less power-hungry way than human IT managers can, the researchers said. 

The system owes its AI capabilities to "micro-variation," consisting of "different implementations of small software components such as memory caches with several cache replacement strategies or stream handlers that do or do not use caching," according to a media report.

Rex is based on the programming language Dana; a perception, assembly and learning framework (PAL), and a "linear bandit model," which draws on online AI learning resources. 
Artificial intelligence systems are demonstrating how they be programmed to teach themselves how to install and maintain data centre servers.
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