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AI to shoulder more of the security burden

11 Jan, 2017 09:00 am

The development of artificial intelligence (AI) systems are enabling companies to rely on machine learning and network management programs to take over an increasing share of security responsibilities.

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Datacentre managers and CIOs have already begun to rely on AI systems for security services, often finding them able to work faster and more efficiently than humans in fields such as around-the-clock intrusion detection.

While AI programs are already analysing large quantities of data at high speeds for signs of potential threats, next-generation AI security systems are expected to go even further, designing more advanced firewalls and detecting and fixing security breaches independently.

However, humans will continue to play an integral role that will evolve more towards selecting, implementing, and managing IT-related business operations and finding solutions for bigger-picture global threats.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) systems are emerging as worthy solutions for IT security management, while human skills will continue to play an integral role as machines' capabilities evolve.
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