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Apple granted patent for full-face, head-up iPhone displays

18 Jan, 2017 09:00 am

Apple has been granted a patent for a display technology with full-face and possibly head-up display plus augmented-reality features.

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The new display design would remove the peripheral components located around the iPhone's screen, which are largely considered to be a design drawback for smartphones. 

Apple's patent details a design with speaker, camera, and other components located behind a full-face screen. The components are discreetly positioned behind the screen and are invisible to the naked eye.

The fact that there are spaces between the display's pixels suggests a technology such as OLED will be used to illuminate the screen. Traditional LCD-lit devices require visible components for backlighting and filter layers.

The technology could also be used to project images in a head-up display, lending itself to augmented-reality (AR), and potentially, mixed-reality applications.

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The Apple patent suggests the next-generation iPhone will use OLED and other components to offer a full-face and possibly head-up display and AR applications.
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