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Apple rumoured to be adding augmented reality to iPhone

25 Nov, 2016 09:00 am

Apple may be planning to add augmented reality (AR) applications to its iPhone that will complement its development of connected eyeglasses.

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The AR feature would work with the iPhone's camera, according to an anonymous sources who spoke with Business Insider. When pointed at an object, images or information will appear on the screen. An image of a coupon might show up on the screen when pointed at a store or a map image could appear when the camera is directed at a city street.

The company has upped its investment in AR research, with a host of recent start-up acquisitions and the hiring of staff specialising in head-mounted displays and other specialist developers.

The technology will play a dominant role in smart eyewear, a concept which Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, and Snapchat are also actively researching. In the more immediate future, AR apps will likely first become available on smartphones, following the major success of games such as Pokemon Go that was released earlier this year.

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CTOs and IT managers will need to adapt their bring-your-own-device policies when their users begin to bring smart phones followed by glasses with augmented reality  capabilities to the workplace from home.
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