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Australia to replace passport entry with biometrics by 2020

27 Jan, 2017 09:00 am

Australian officials plan to automate 90% of the country's border-entry checkpoints and replace passports with biometric technology to screen incoming international air passengers.

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The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection plans to have checkpoints in place that will use facial, iris, and/or fingerprint-recognition technologies by 2020, instead of using passports for identification.

Officials have yet to determine which specific biometric technology they plan to use, but said the system will be in place in time for the launch deadline.

"The department is asking tenderers to provide innovative solutions to allow arriving travellers to self-process," a spokeswoman for immigration said in a statement. "The department has not therefore defined the specific solution or how it will differ from existing arrivals or departures."

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Automated biometric solutions are increasingly disrupting traditional security scanning applications.
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