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Scientists develop ultra-fast charging battery

9 Dec, 2016 09:00 am

Researchers at the University of Florida have designed a battery with supercapacitors that can charge in a few seconds and power devices for days at a time.

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Supercapacitors were previously too large to serve as viable components for batteries, but the researchers were able to reduce their size by using nanometre-size circuitry with wiring that is highly conductive.

The battery can be charged more than 30,000 times. Lithium-ion batteries on the market today can be fully charged 300 to 500 times before losing their ability to charge to their full capacity.

The researchers reported batteries commercialised today have a maximum lifecycle of 1,500 charges while other estimates say the maximum lifecycle of batteries on the market is 7,000 charges.

The battery, which is the size of a human fingernail, can be used for smart phones, electric cars, and wearable devices.

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Researchers are using nanotech and other technologies to develop faster-charging and longer-lasting batteries for smart phones, electric cars, and other applications.
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