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Smartphone app adds facial recognition

12 Dec, 2016 09:01 am

British-based start-up Blippar has added a feature to its smartphone app that identifies people by scanning their faces.

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The technology seeks a facial recognition match in its database after a smartphone camera is pointed at a human face. The feature is a recent addition to its augmented reality app that allows point-and-click identification of everyday objects, products, or images.

The app's database contains 70,000 public personalities, including politicians, musicians, and athletes. In the near future, the general public will be able to scan their own faces for addition to the database. A positive match reveals the subject's name and biographical information.

The company says it has addressed privacy concerns for the app's facial identification feature by registering users who voluntarily upload their images to the company's database. It also allows celebrities to remove themselves from the database upon request.

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Advanced tech such as facial recognition is trickling down to the consumer sector, becoming increasingly available through affordable smartphone apps.
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