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Warmer and fuzzier robots

8 Nov, 2016 09:00 am

A San Francisco-based technology firm has unveiled a palm-sized robot with an "emotional engine" algorithm giving it a repertoire of human-like mannerisms and gestures.

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The toy robot, Cozmo, has been produced by robotics firm Anki who employed a former animator from movie studio Pixar, Carlos Baena, to help humanise the features and actions of the device.

With a range of emotional responses from happy, sad, calm, frustrated and bold, the artificial intelligence-powered robot is the latest manifestation of a drive to smooth interactions between man and machine.

The device employs facial recognition software allowing it to remember faces and interact accordingly with different people and connect to a user's smartphone.
While AI bots are increasingly coming to dominate the online customer-retailer interface, Cozmo is just the latest example of how developers are integrating human-style mannerisms into robots.
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