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API management platforms emerge as essential IT tools

13 Sep, 2016 10:09 am

Google's plans to purchase Apigee underscore just how critical Application Programming Interface (API) management platforms have become to IT operations.

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Use of APIs in business is increasing as IT departments seek to access applications from in-house, third-party, and customer sources, with the benefit of the reduced number of interfaces that APIs offer.

However, enterprises are often faced with a large number of APIs to work with, which adds additional layers of complexity. API management platforms simplify API management by merging often unrelated sets of APIs into a single platform.

According to a study, U.S. firms will invest close to $3 billion in API platforms during the next five years with annual spending expected to exceed $660 million in 2020, compared to $140 million in 2014.
Application Programming Interface (API) management platforms reduce the complexity of running multiple APIs.
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