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Automated IT service management of the future

8 Feb, 2017 09:01 am

Automation is set to profoundly disrupt IT service management (ITSM), paving the way for new business models for those firms that are able to adapt.

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A key factor in ITSM's shift towards automation is how routine IT management tasks will increasingly be managed by automated systems -such tasks include managing job tickets, ranging from password help to assigning SSL certificates for remote access to servers.

In order to remain competitive in the future, IT service providers will need to automate these processes with the help of analytics. They will need to, among other things, rely largely on data analysis tools that automatically match solutions from successfully completed job tickets in the past with current service requests.

As ITSM becomes increasingly automated, IT managers will have more time to resolve complex issues that require direct human intervention and input.

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Successful IT service management (ITSM) providers will in the future automate routine help desk and IT-management tasks while reserving  manpower for more complex issues requiring direct human intervention.
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