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Healthcare technology combats legacy format challenges

18 May, 2016 03:25 pm

A series of new data-centric healthcare initiatives are being rolled out by major technology vendors who are aiming to combat the challenge thrown up by legacy non-digital systems.

With data formats, types, storage techniques and platforms all differing so widely, healthcare IT has always faced a challenge in terms of bringing new digital-first initiates online.

According to a report on Enterprise Times, not all healthcare IT solutions are clinical and diagnostic for human needs. There is also an acute need to modernise back-office functions such as billing and cost management. 

"One of the big challenges for healthcare providers when investing in IT is proving that there has been a benefit to patients. It is notoriously hard to demonstrate IT benefits compared to extra drugs, staff and medical devices," writes Ian Murphy.
TAKEAWAY THOUGHTThe primary challenge in healthcare technology is that very often data is stored in multiple systems in a range of different formats, not all of it electronic. New digital initiatives are aiming to combat this legacy challenge.
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