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How to avoid becoming 'digital prey'

21 Oct, 2016 09:00 am

All businesses will become either a digital predator or prey by 2020, according to a study by tech research and analysis group Forrester Research. In order to avoid becoming the prey, most enterprises must find new ways to deliver value for the end-to-end customer experiences they offer.

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"True digital predators will be required to break down information and process silos and extend digital transformation initiatives to empower employees with the digital resources needed to win, serve, and retain customers," according to the report.

Successful digital transformation depends mainly on employees and business processes.

The role of the employee is especially critical. He or she who must use new technologies closely aligned with the business' operations to greatly improve customer experiences.

By doing so, the enterprise becomes more productive and dynamic. The transformation also involves the removal of information silos and legacy applications that impede progress.

Successful digital transformation will significantly boost productivity, and ultimately, improve the customer's experience as information silos and obsolete legacy applications are removed.
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