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Intel aims to boost AI machine learning 100-fold by 2020

1 Dec, 2016 09:00 am

The US chipmaker has unveiled plans for the release of an artificial intelligence platform that will dramatically reduce the time taken to train deep learning systems.

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Intel's Nervana platform seeks to provide processors and platforms for a wide range of AI applications such as smart factories, drones, fraud detection, and autonomous car technologies.

Diane Bryant, executive VP and GM of the Data Center Group at Intel, said that the new technology would produce "breakthrough performance and dramatic reductions in the time to train complex neural networks" and that it would deliver "a 100-fold increase in performance that will turbocharge the pace of innovation in the emerging deep learning space".

The company will begin testing its first CPU devices based on its Nervana platform in the first half of 2017 and will make it available to some customers later that year.

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Intel says its processors revealed in its roadmap will be able to handle the computing loads of high-powered artificially intelligence (AI) applications of the future.
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