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IoT data: One standard to rule them all

13 Jan, 2017 09:01 am

The potential impact of Internet of Things data crunching is being held back by a lack of a common software language allowing connected devices to communicate with each other. This may be about to change.

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 Software firm Zigbee has unveiled a new language that seeks to allow connected devices to communicate with one another, overcoming of the major hurdles holding back realisation of the Internet of Things' (IoT) potential.

Named Dotdot, the new communications system was touted as a "universal language for the IoT" when it was launched at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

At issue is how the majority of IoT devices are unable to communicate with each other. Developers and system integrators must rely on single-vendor proprietary systems unable to communicate with devices from other vendors.

However, Dotdot serves as a universal language for IoT applications, making it possible for devices to communicate directly on any network. This is because Dotdot serves as a common platform developers can use by being able to choose among any type of device for IoT applications.

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The large-scale adoption of the ZigBee alliance's Dotdot platform could replace proprietary systems by allowing for universal connections between any IoT device, regardless of the vendor.
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