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Making the case for digitization

21 Sep, 2016 09:00 am

Some 87 percent of 600 business leaders surveyed in a CEB study say digitization is their top priority. Two-thirds of those surveyed said they feared that their organizations could lose their competitive edge if they did not digitize their operations.

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According to CIOs and IT managers, who are often tasked with educating their colleagues about what digitization means, how it should be adopted, and how it can meet the specific needs of an organization, there are three potential hazards to avoid. 

Firstly, leaders should worry less about Uber-like start-ups, and be more focussed on the threat of traditional competitors digitizing their operations more quickly. 

Secondly, enterprises must make sure that digitization addresses specific enterprise needs, instead of being implemented for technology's sake with little thought about how it will help the business. 

Finally, they must avoid making digitization a stand-alone effort. The process must be tightly integrated into their operations. 
CTO and IT directors play a key role when digitizing their enterprises' operations by educating business leaders about how to successfully make the switch while avoiding common errors that can jeopardize this mission-critical initiative. 
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