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MIT scientists create 3D graphene

17 Jan, 2017 09:00 am

Researchers at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology have for the first time created a graphene structure using 3D printers that is lighter and up to 10 times stronger than steel.

3D-printed gyroid models such as this one were used to test the strength and mechanical properties of the new structure. Melanie Gonick/MIT

Graphene, considered to be the strongest material in the world,  until now only existed in a 2D form.

However, scientists at MIT say they have successfully developed a new 3D graphene structure by compressing and fusing together the particles into a sponge-like form using a 3D printer.

The revolutionary new structure can be used with other materials, such as polymers and metals, to create stronger and lighter-weight products.

While manufacturing processes are not yet ready to produce the materials, the technology holds promise for commercial applications which rely on a material's strength and light weight. 

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Researchers have developed a process that could one day result in the commercial production of ultra-strong and light materials.
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