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US city offers real-time car parking map

16 Feb, 2017 09:02 am

Kansas City officials have unveiled an interactive map that uses video sensors spread across a busy part of the city to help drivers locate car parking spaces and avoid congestion, the latest example of smart city technology in action.

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The system relies on 122 video sensors that cover a two-mile stretch of downtown Kansas City in Missouri, and is part of a $15 million smart city initiative city officials announced in 2016.

In addition to the parking space and traffic information through its new map, Kansas City offers free public Wi-Fi and interactive kiosks as part of the project.

"Smart city sensors and digital tools are cool, but understanding how to use these tools and the data that they generate bridges the gap between cool and smart," said Kansas City Mayor Sly James at an event to announce the new map.

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Data uploaded with sensors can serve as the basis for practical mobility apps in urban environments.
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