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Tesla's solar powers entire Samoan Island

28 Nov, 2016 09:01 am

All-electric sports car and battery maker Tesla's solar energy technology now powers an entire island in American Samoa, underscoring the potential role for the green energy to replace fossil fuels.

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The island of Ta'u draws 100% of its electricity needs from solar power and a battery storage-enabled micro-grid, which serves as a more efficient, less-expensive, and carbon emissions-friendly alternative to fossil fuels. It also solves the problems of frequent power outages that previously plagued the island's 600 residents.

The micro-grid consists of 1.4 megawatts of solar generation capacity installed by SolarCity, which Tesla acquired earlier this month, and 6 megawatt hours of battery storage from 60 Tesla Powerpacks. The start-to-completion date of the project was one year.

The micro-grid is not powerful enough to provide electricity to an entire company's campus or even a small city, however it serves as a model for more ambitious future solar power energy projects.

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Tesla's solar energy micro-grid on the Pacific island of Ta'u and other successful renewable energy projects serve as examples of how the world can become less dependent on fossil fuel energy sources.
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