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When the mobile phone becomes a payment method

Following in Apple's footsteps, Samsung, LG and Google have launched their own mobile phone payment services, highlighting how easy they are to use. These electronic wallets also hold the user's loyalty cards and discount vouchers, representing a commitment from brands. Now all that is left to do is convince consumers, notably in France and the United Kingdom where contactless cards (using NFC technology) are already widely used.
Cash payments will soon be dead: Apple CEO
2 Dec, 2016 09:00 am
Cash payments will soon be dead: Apple CEO

Apple CEO Tim Cook says electronic payments will quickly replace notes and coins as mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay become more widespread and popular.

Finland prison system goes cashless for inmates
7 Jul, 2016 08:04 am
Finland prison system goes cashless for inmates

Recently ranked as one of the most stable political and economic nations on the planet, Finland is about to introduce a cashless payment system...

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