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Beyond data: why CISOs must pay attention to physical security

26 Jul, 2016 05:17 pm

Best security practices that can protect data from over-the-Internet attacks are of little use when the physical network is threatened, especially from the inside.

Many companies fail to implement best practices to prevent intruders from physically accessing data centers by locking doors and checking IDs.

  According to Todd Thibodeaux, the president and chief executive officer of the Computing Technology Industry Association, "IT and InfoSec tend to think in terms of networks, endpoints and outside attacks, but they risk missing the big picture if they think of vulnerabilities and threats only in terms of wider internet threats.

IT departments often consider the security of a physical building as a separate domain, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to delineate physical security from data security."
TAKEAWAY TRENDVulnerability mitigation is a critical element in data security, but the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, which is a required element in best security practices, is too often missing in policies and procedures. 
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