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Digitisation: Putting CIOs in the driving seat

9 Dec, 2016 11:40 am

Digitisation has the power to transform organisations, products, stock and sales channels and radically change how CIOs operate. Successful digitisation requires all company divisions to embrace the change, and CIOs have a key role in winning hearts and minds to embrace the transformation agenda and avoid common pitfalls that can endanger the entire project.

Digitalisation must be a process that the whole company embraces, with each department having laser-like focus on achieving their goals to create a more agile and efficient business.

- Transformation will see IT departments' strategic importance in firms grow but the change is a shared responsibility. CIOs can't be responsible for every issue in the organisation but they can point out bottlenecks in the organisation to other executives.

- CIOs can assist in helping their organisation avoid the dangers in digitisation as they expand their role to include shaping business strategy, and driving business change, while influencing future direction and success.
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