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How tech is turbo-charging online car sales

28 Nov, 2016 10:36 am

Consumers are spending more online, even splashing out on big-ticket items such as cars. This has led automakers to dive deeper into the new e-commerce reality by investing in the latest technological innovations to take advantage of online sales platforms. Customers can now take a virtual reality tour of their potential new wheels, inside and out, all from the comfort of their homes, offices, or even on the go, using their mobile devices.

-Today's customers, especially buyers from Generation X and Y and Millennials increasingly want to be able to purchase big ticket items such as cars online. Besides benefiting from the convenience of being able to buy cars online, they also expect the digital experience to enhance their purchase in ways that are not possible by visiting a physical dealership. 

-Traditional bricks-and-mortar dealerships play a critical role in online car sales. In many ways, the online sales process complements the dealership experience and vice versa. Customers may select , finance, and buy their cars online but still want to finalise their purchase and pick up their cars at the dealership. 

-Technology innovators are developing platforms that will help to transform the digital car-buying experience. Much of the development work for BMW is done at its research centres around the world, such as its centre in Palo Alto, California. Other stakeholders include both in-house and third-party developers of advanced user interfaces (AUIs), virtualisation, and eventually, artificial intelligence to create the algorithms that will power online car sales now and in the future. 
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