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Li-Fi: Lighting up the Internet

22 Dec, 2016 02:17 pm

Li-Fi wireless Internet technology is safer, faster and poses fewer health concerns than Wi-Fi, making it a serious contender to challenge the dominance of Wi-Fi as the industry standard for wireless connectivity.

see Li-Fi as a way of offering wireless and high-speed Internet access to their employees or to visitors in situations where Wi-Fi is poorly deployed, if at all, or where it offers insufficient security. Real estate specialists Nexity and Sogeprom (subsidiaries of Société Générale) have already equipped their Paris headquarters with the technology. Microsoft is also set to have Li-Fi installed at its innovation centre based in Issy-Les-Moulineaux, outside Paris, which receives 1,500 visitors a year. 

Public places such as hospitals, schools, hotels and airports are also ideal places for Li-Fi, for health reasons - to combat the hazardous effects of electromagnetic waves - or indeed to guarantee a stable Internet connection. Courbevoie, a Paris suburb, is the first such area in France to have adopted this type of technology. 

Meanwhile, Edinburgh-based company pureLiFi has signed a deal with Lucibel, which will make them the first in Europe to market fully industrialised, Li-Fi-enabled light bulbs.
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