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Why car manufacturers won't lose the battle for the intelligent car

10 Oct, 2016 04:13 pm

At the World Motor Show an increasing number of announcements are being made regarding the intelligent car. Far from being made to look old-fashioned by GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon), car manufacturers have entered the race against the clock to develop connected and driverless cars.

- The automobile industry in its entirety, from outfitters to dealerships, is affected by the dawn of the intelligent car, but also, as a consequence, car hire companies and specialists in carpooling, chauffeured car and taxi services.

  • - Stakeholders in the home automation and public electronics sectors, although not as highly anticipated, are also concerned. Ford and BMW are associating Amazon's connected software "Echo" with their cars so that users can regulate the heating in their homes while driving. As for Volkswagen, it has teamed up with LG. Even Dyson has plans for an electric car. 

    • - Concerning digital stakeholders, it is not only Silicon Valley that is breeding innovation. In South Korea, Samsung, LG and Hyundai are particularly active stakeholders. In Israel, home of Waze and Moovit, Renault has set up an innovation lab dedicated to mobility and to the electric car, and Volkswagen has set up another lab focusing on cybersecurity. Furthermore, this summer in China, with its 1.2 billion inhabitants, Alibaba launched its operating system for connected cars.   
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