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Will 3D printing finally fulfil its promise?

29 Aug, 2016 05:17 pm
- Companies that manufacture complex, individual components with a high added value such as dental implants, hearing aids and even on demand jewellery like the website Gemmyo

- 3D printing is making its mark in design offices in order to develop prototypes quickly, or in architects' offices to help design models of future housing complexes.

- In the automobile and aeronautics industries 3D printing's use is envisaged in the manufacturing of in situ components, even in the earliest phases of production. Airbus, alongside the British company Renishaw, is exploring the possibility of using additive manufacturing for the structure of aeroplane wings.   

- Other possibilities: The communication and events management sectors, in order to create personalised "goodies" for product launches or the opening of new stores. 
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